Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Privateer Press is bringing out (big sigh) a collectible miniature game. It's called Monsterpocalypse and works in the standard plastic, made-in-china, starter and booster configuration. It's a giant robot fighting game, which is cool, but the market for anything collectible is tepid, to say the least.

This seems especially true in California. I don't say this elsewhere, but I think in this business model respect, California leads the nation. Other parts of the country seem to still do well in the collectibles business, but California and the SF Bay Area in particular (which leads California in gaming), has a much harder time.

But the fans love it, right? At one point you could package just about anything in a collectible format and it would sell. Now you can't even package a good game without collectible fatigue killing it. Here are what the fans are saying:

  • Collectible is a non starter though, not going to bother."
  • "I was bitten by random distribution with CCG’s, I’ll never do it again."
  • "ah, another one jumps on the band wagon!"
  • "Collectible kills it for me as well."
  • "I would get the starter sets and that’s it."
  • "...it can probably gain some following, not me though."
  • "I had thought that Privateer Press was… well sorry to say but I thought they were better than this."
  • "I’ve already got one too many CMG."


  1. "Giant robot fighting game" isn't really all that great a description. It's a kaiju game! Godzilla vs. Giant Robo! (with names and appearances changed just enough to protect from law suits of course...)

    I'll probably have to use some willpower to stay away from this game if the rules are any good.

  2. I see I've stumbled upon a little pocket of geekdom I wasn't familiar with. ;)