Saturday, January 5, 2008

CCG's on Ebay

Some collectible card games that we're dropping can be found on eBay. If you're interested, you can get them for cheap and save on shipping:

The Spoils
Stargate SG-1
Transformers Battle Cards

While we're on the subject, the problem with the CCG model, besides the addictive, crack-smoking nature of collecting them, is the risk for a store in trying them out. With a role-playing game, for example, you have a core book that gives you an idea of the games appeal. You buy that $35 core book ($17 my cost) and see how well it sells. If nobody buys it, you discount it and sell it at a convention or something. That's a small risk.

The CCG model requires that you buy a box of cards, usually two boxes: a box of starters and a box of boosters. That's an investment of at least $100, usually more. If nobody is interested in your card game, or if the interest wanes, there is nothing on Earth you can do to get someone to buy those cards at any price. There's no convention outlet and the eBay value is probably ten cents on the dollar. Big risk, but if the crack is good, big reward.

As a player, a dead collectible card game leaves you with a box full of pretty pictures. At least with a miniature game you've got something to add to your geekosphere. That $30 Boba Fett miniature can sit on your computer monitor and declare your geek cred to your co-workers. You will find nostalgic D&D players, wistful Warhammer aficionados, but ex CCG players are bitter as hell. They feel taken and their collections are like ripped up dollar bills reminding them.

I literally get calls every day asking if I buy Magic cards. The conversation goes like this:

Caller: Do you buy Magic cards?
Me: (Hell) No.
Caller: Do you know anyone who does?
Me: No, there used to be several card shops in the area, but they closed.
Caller: Really, Why???
Me: Well, probably from buying too many Magic cards.

I've had parents drop off bundles of Magic cards, just to get rid of them. They're sitting in the office because it's honestly not worth an employees time to even sort them! Gleaning glass is more productive. Everybody wants to sell their Magic cards, nobody wants to buy them unless they're in a pretty foil pack. Remove them from the pack and the drop in value faster than driving a new Kia off the car lot.


  1. I happen to like my Boba Fett figure very much, although he's going to spend the rest of his life in a dice brick.

  2. romg gary! save me all yer spoils stuff and eve stuff! lol...

    ...j/k the Mortgage Monster doesn't let me buy stuff anymore...

  3. The only game I play regularly is a CCG, VTES. Almost no store sells it, since everyone buys them from discounters at $5 over cost per box. But it still is doing very well for White Wolf. I wonder if there are more CCG's that are like that, that have little to no presence in stores, but are big sellers online and have tournaments?