Saturday, January 26, 2008

February 9th Auction

Here's the story on our Saturday, February 9th auction that starts at noon (to around 4ish):

How to Sell Stuff: It's best to bring items a day or two before the auction, but we'll take them up to a WEEK beforehand. We can process them and store them securely in the office. Bringing items the day of the auction works too, but is less convenient for us.

Buyers: Please show up at 11:30 so you can sign in and get your number. Most auctions are silent, meaning you can put your name and bid on a piece of paper. So don't worry if you're a little shy. The "live" auction is for larger items or more expensive items. It's very exciting and somewhat informal, so it's not intimidating in the least. The concept of a live auction intimidates me, but we tend to make it fun. You're welcome to tout your own items when they come up for bid. It's the most amusing part of the process.

What to Expect: We acquire a lot of damaged items from various manufacturers and distributors. The quantity of items each quarter is usually reflected in the previous quarters industry sales. What does that mean? It means the first quarter auction will be the BIGGEST of the year because we're getting all the holiday damages from the fourth quarter.

Sales: If we're planning on having a sale for the quarter, this day will get priority. I know for certain we'll be having a big terrain sale, for example. This is to help you maximize your store credit and move out some of our slower moving inventory.

Store Credit: All auction proceeds are paid in store credit. So if you win something at the auction, you pay the store normally and the buyer gets a gift certificate. Most people selling end up using their credit to buy other things at the auction, but you're more than welcome to take home a gift certificate or use it to buy new things in the store.

Buyers Market: Not to discourage you from selling, but because we combine our "Ding N Dent" with the auction, there is FAR more stuff to buy than customers to buy it. We make less money selling it this way, but it's quick and clears out our space faster. You get best results when you use your credit from selling to buy other stuff at the auction.

Gaming That Day: We take over the entire game center until around 4pm. So all games should expect to shift to later in the day or Sunday.

Role-Playing Buying: Somewhat unrelated to the auction, we're taking in RPG books for store credit once again. Convention season fast approaches and if you've got books gathering dust, consider dropping them off at the store for credit. You can try selling them at the auction first, if you like.

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