Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yells and Tears (politics)

I've noticed that nobody has made the comparison of Hillary's tear with Howard's yell. Howard's yell seemed to be this disconcerting show of emotion that caused suspicion and potentially sunk his campaign. Hillary's tear has created a cultural divide, with conservatives ranting in disgust and most women of all political persuasions coming to her defense, increasing their support for her campaign. Two unusual emotional responses with very different outcomes.


  1. I think that some people have a problem with what they see as phony, staged, crocodile tears.

    Clinton presents herself as stronger than mony of the men, but whenever things seem to be going against her, she plays the "I'm a woman and they're picking on me" card.

    Ho-hum. Predictable, dishonest, and manipulative - yet so many Americans fall for it, again and again.

  2. Most if the women I know were disgusted with the entire episode. So, not just the crying itself, but all the opinions that were tossed around as well. One of the women I work with is/was a big Hillary supporter but was terribly disappointed by her breaking down. Real or not.