Saturday, January 5, 2008

Final Holiday Top Sellers

Here's the "final" list of top holiday sellers starting from Black Friday to today.
  1. MTG - Lorwyn - booster pack
  2. Settlers of Catan Rev. (board game)
  3. MTG - Lorwyn - tournament deck
  4. 40K: Ork Spearhead Box & Book
  5. Mexican Coca Cola
  6. 40K: Space Marine Battleforce
  7. SWM - Force Unleashed Booster
  8. Star Wars RPG - Starships of the Galaxy
  9. Carcassonne (board game)
  10. SWM Starship Battles Huge Pack
  11. Ticket to Ride (board game)
  12. 40K: Chaos Space Marines
  13. Race for the Galaxy (board game)
  14. MTG Time Spiral Booster
  15. Blokus (board game)
A few things pop out. First, Magic has become our best supported event in the store and it's reflected in sales. Second, Warhammer 40K and board games are well represented here, where in years past, it was only board games. Finally, Star Wars miniatures made a surprise comeback. I think the in-store play died, but the minis made it on many Christmas lists. Overall, I like having the added diversity.

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