Sunday, May 18, 2008

Base Coat (40K)

I started painting today. The base coat is a Citadel Foundation Paint called Mechrite Red. It took half a bottle for each chimera and went on very easily in a single coat. I considered making it the only coat of red paint on the models. However, after painting one chimera with standard Citadel Scab Red (on the left), I could tell the difference. Scab Red seems to have a more vibrant finish, plus it's a bit more "red" than the Mechrite, which has more orange in it. I actually like that orange shade of red better, but the finish seems too dull.

The base coat took about 2 hours per chimera, with the scab red coat taking only half an hour. Still, it's quicker than the recommended paint scheme, which was before Foundation Paints. The painter recommended several coats of Scab Red.

The end result is below. I'm not too hip on the triangles. I'm thinking of making green crescents instead, which goes with the middle eastern Talarn theme.

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