Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fourty-Kay II

Another four hours and I finished the Basilisk. The majority of the time was trying to recover from forgetting a part. There's an internal gear to move the gun up and down, and although the gun doesn't physically move, without the gear, the handle doesn't appear to work. I had to snap off several pieces to include this tiny part and getting it back together was a nightmare. Only two more Basilisks to go!

You can barely see it, but I tried to load up every crew related item on the Basilisk. I figure if they're desert raiders, their vehicles will be much more like a mobile home than other armies.

While I wait for parts to arrive and search for camels, I'll also be looking for scale model kits so I can have "technicals." A standard Toyota pick-up truck should work. I sure have enough Imperial Guard emblems to stick on it.


  1. What is the scale of 40k models? Most plastic models are either 1/35th or 1/48th. I know the 1/72 would be too small and the 1/10 or 1/12 are way too big. You can google plastic models to see what pickup truck models are available.

  2. 1/43 die cast evhicles work well.

  3. Told you there were tricky.


  4. Here's a 1/42 Dodge Power Wagon: