Friday, August 29, 2008

Artificial Shortages

No, I'm not talking about gas, I'm talking about the game industry intentionally under printing collectible card games to create artificial demand. I suppose it's really not artificial, since people want the product but can't get it. What they need to understand is that it's alright to create a limited edition item, like the new From the Vault: Dragons, for Magic, but you can't expect retailers to support you if all your releases are limited. We've gone through dry spells for most of the Japanese style card games recently.

As for that From the Vault release for Magic, we were sent four by Wizards of the Coast, of which all were pre-sold to customers at the $34.95 price (mostly to astute kids). Two more arrived from our primary distributor, with no more ever available. I've got one on eBay now, as they're expected to go for around $100.

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