Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Resin Envy

I ordered more Forge World today, a Salamander kit, Chimera track guards, and a Chimera flamer turret. My 2500 point list requires two more Chimeras. I can't bring myself to build two more standard models; they're just so tedious after 7 vehicles using this pattern. One of the required Chimeras will be the modified one with the flamer and track guards and the Salamander will replace a Chimera as my command vehicle. I'm still not sure anyone will let me use the Salamander rules from Forge World, but if worse comes to worse, it works as a Chimera. Hooray for works as.

To help pay for this, I'm selling my Dresden Files book collection and my Imperial Guard novels on eBay. If this continues, my Ogre Kingdoms army for Warhammer Fantasy will be up soon.


  1. That's actually "counts as", and it's one of my favorite rules.

    BTW, don't sell your Ogre Kingdoms, I think you'll regret it if you do.

  2. I think Fulminata is right Gary about selling your Ogre Kingdoms. On the other hand, as a student of Buddhism, you know that hanging onto stuff only leads to unhappiness.

    If you do sell your OK army, give me a call or e-mail, I might want to buy it straight up. It was the army I was most likely to play when I owned my store.

    chris shorb

  3. Hanging onto stuff is fine; attachment is all in the brain. I'm definitely not attached to the ogres, thus my desire to sell them. I'm somewhat attached to my rare Buddhist books, but it seems somehow wrong to sell them for Warhammer.