Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That Little Pyramid

The store has been doing well enough lately to make me think we may be over that first year hump. It's bumped me up the ladder of my personal Maslow. Maybe it's the store making money or maybe it's the security system making me feel more secure, but I definitely have been thinking more expansively. Things like my long term finances, college funds, and religious aspirations have slowly returned to my life.

Maslow was this psychologist who created a hierarchy of human needs. You can't really "progress" up the hierarchy until your baser needs are met. It's one of those things I learned in high school that always stuck with me. For example, being a creative, self-actualized human being isn't possible if you can't get enough to eat or if you're in fear for your safety. That little pyramid is always in the back of my head.

40K: I'm still debating on whether I should build my Apoc army with an intermediate point value in mind. I've got a healthy 1500 point army and a plan for a good 3000 point Apocalypse army, but if I had to play a 2500 point game, I would be out of luck. 2500 points means I build a couple chimeras and a couple more 10-man squads (probably one with hardened vets). Those same point values in Apocalypse mean a third Hellhound and a Hellhammer. I could also wait for the new IG codex and models this spring before adding those extra intermediate points.

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  1. I remember learning about this...not like it did anything for my major since I only recall learning about it once and the topic wasn't discussed again, for unknown reasons.