Sunday, August 31, 2008

Top Summer Games

Here are the top Summer games, by sales:

  1. Magic: The Gathering
  2. Dungeons & Dragons
  3. Warhammer 40K
  4. Warmachine/Hordes
  5. Flames of War
  6. Fantasy Flight Games
  7. Warhammer Fantasy
  8. Rio Grande
  9. Mayfair Games
  10. Melissa & Doug
  11. World of Warcraft CCG
  12. Days of Wonder
  13. Bleach
  14. Yu-Gi-Oh
  15. Steve Jackson Games
Big surprises? The strength of Magic: The Gathering and organized play. Magic saw a weak release over the Summer, but it's our strongest OP group, by far. Dungeons & Dragons should have taken the Magic spot with the big 4E release and Forgotten Realms (they were almost even). A new edition of 40K couldn't touch either, although it's still our top game for the year.

Weaker games moved up the chart. We saw a resurgence of Flames of War, albeit without any in-store play. I'm declaring this game in play again for our store, aka not dying. The in-store play issue is still perplexing. Warmachine and Hordes revived themselves, with many new players; which I credit to our steadiest organized play group in the store. AT-43 is not on the chart and has succumbed to monkey fatigue and no-play-itis.


  1. Pfft...the resurgence of FoW is probably because Steve and I together bought so much of the stuff over the summer, lol. I have two unpainted armies; something I never imagined would happen to me. Guess you guys were right when you told me back in the day that as you get older, the less time you have to paint.

    Introducing bi-monthly FoW could help. The BF's Normandy campaign is over, with Bagration starting up next month. That might get interest started up again too.


  2. You guys certainly helped sales, but there were quite a few other people, judging by the high sale of rulebooks (which are now out of print at Battlefront - boneheads).

  3. I was just being a little snide there; I have no doubt there were a lot of other people buying stuff. Too bad we could never get them all together at one time though.


  4. I'm glad FoW isn't dead at the store. In store play would always be nice, but I seem to be surviving none-the-less. We'll see what happens with Bagration.

  5. Gary, I played Agricola this weekend, and it was amazing. For $70, it's worth every penny. Got any in stock?

  6. No, but let's talk about it off-blog.