Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Speaking of inflation, I noticed that every single car in the parking lot for the weight watchers meeting next store is an SUV. These folks would not be considered medium sized creatures in my D&D game, so I understand the need for their giant land mobiles. So I'm just thinking, the cost of gas AND the cost of food must be an excellent marketing opportunity for companies like Weight Watchers to encourage people to thin down. "Is your giant car and your giant food bill driving you to bankruptcy? Boy do we have a giant dealfor you." This is why companies put me in operations and encourage me not to mingle. ;)

Vallejo paint pricing is now in flux. The importer sent me an email this morning saying their increased costs weren't going to be as bad as they thought. This means the distributor and myself will need to re-adjust prices (them first). Much swearing like sailors all around. I just spend an hour doing this yesterday.

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