Friday, February 29, 2008

Temple of Deep Chaos II

Monte asked me to post some photos of the party in action.

Our unusual party consists of:

Emrick. A new noble from the nouveau rich adventuring class. The nobles in Iron Crown are divided between the old nobles, Yan-ki (someday to be githyanki) ruling class and the new nobles, anyone who has enough money to afford nobility. The new nobles act like the emerging merchant class in ancient Japan, with the yan-ki like ancient samurai families.
-->Pennfold. Part of Emrick's entourage of hanger's on. A halfling assistant. What he does I'm not sure.
Vivia. Chaos corrupted faerie, cleric of Zheenkeef*, god/dess of wine and song. After too much exposure to a Pit of Insanity, Vivia developed some strange mutations, including her frog like whip tongue.
Tyranosis. Dabbler in magic, Tyranosis is both an accomplished priest of Tinel*, god of knowledge and a pretty good wizard.
Udorin. Warlock who often frightens as well as helps. His powers are strange and terrifying and come from a realm not of this world. He doesn't just defeat opponents, he tears at their souls and incinerates their bodies.
Ogden. Captain Ogden to you, is a dwarf watch captain appalled at the deaths in the apartment house above. He's here to lend his axe (NPC).

* gods from Book of the Righteous, by Green Ronin

The first courtyard chamber (not shown) found them fighting summoned rats, one or two at a time. They met the aranea and the dwarf cultist casting from his ceiling murder hole, but both got away. At one point they had three combats going on at the same time. Later, Viva flew up and confronted the dwarf, flying through the hole in his ceiling lair. After a short battle, she was ambushed when the arenea joined her. She flew away and was lucky to survive!

In the second courtyard the party was ambushed by two chaos bomb wielding venon thralls from the second floor (not shown). A sniper from the bottom floor window peppered them with deadly arrows. The part took a while to clear out of range, but eventually they stormed the house. The door was locked and without a rogue they were stuck. After getting peppered in the courtyard for a while, the wizard-cleric Tyranosis did some gymnastics with the help of his magic and jumped through the open window, fifteen feet above! It was an incredible act of gymnastics for a man known to be somewhat feeble and prone to uncontrollable trembling. Something is up with Tyranosis.

Once inside the party found two nasty ratlords who weren't giving up without a fight, but they also weren't going to open the door and risk their lives for their human employer. The ratlords argued about whether to open the door or not, while the haughty cultist cleric, Theral Egourd, encouraged them to do their jobs with mild insults about their race and low social status. Theral survived the attack from the upper level by fleeing after a successful parlay. Gavele the tiefling was the one peppering the party with arrows. They were able to strike her with magic through the window to good effect. Once inside, the party watched Theral heal Gavele, but only with a successful touch attack - she didn't trust him! The party had heard Theral killing his own companions in the level above, so perhaps he wasn't the most trustworthy fellow.

The party eventually kills Theral, as the party's warlock, Udorin, sets him on fire in a violent display of pyrotechnics. Theral is shocked and appalled at his own death: "No! This can't be!" he says, as his body is fully incinerated in an instant, after spending the entire battle untouched. Gavele uses her tiefling darkness ability and escapes the house through an open window. She does an end run around the party and prepares the rat brutes (above) to ambush the party as they enter the waterfall chamber.

Udorin is grappled by a ratbrute as he enters the waterfall chamber and is thrown 80 feet down into the watery pit. This was apparently part of his plan, as he was wearing a ring of feather fall. The rest of the party is farther back, looking on in horror.

Leading from the rear, Tyranosis provides much needed monster identification and occasional healing.

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