Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vacation II

I booked a room for three nights in March at the Marina Dunes Resort in Marina, about 10 miles from Monterey. It's a suite with an ocean view. This place is nice but not as centrally located. It's about half as much money as an ocean view room on Cannery Row (my preferred location), but it allows me to take two trips instead of one. It's all paid for with frequent flyer miles.

I figure I'll get a lot of reading done, which actually seems more productive with an ocean view for some reason, as if you're actively relaxing. They also have free wireless Internet, because I know within a few hours of brain shutdown I'll have ideas that need exploring online.


  1. Probably not a bad choice. You won't get the slightly bohemian feel of being right on cannery row, and able to walk to most of the places you want to be, but it's also probably worth giving that up in exchange for two trips instead of one.

  2. Yes, two trips are better than one. It also felt too self indulgent to spring for a trip that would be better than I would book for the wife and I together.

    I'll have to see how I spend my time. The idea of the room with a view is that I'll be spending a lot of hibernation time with books, movies and a nice fireplace. If I end up spending all my time outside the room, future trips will find me at Motels.