Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Game Space Wants to be Free

As I mentioned, I talked to a lot of game store owners about game space, including whether to charge for it. Some stores charge per head. Others only allow people to use the space for scheduled events. Gary at Great Escape Games was insistent that it be free and available. Endgame also has free game space in their game center.

For our upcoming store, with 12 tables and seating for 60, here's the plan:
  • Game space is always free. We may occasionally charge a tournament fee, but it will be used for tournament prizes. In the case of role-playing events, we may charge a nominal fee, maybe $5, that can be converted into a $5 gift certificate. So you pay $5, but you get a $5 gift certificate. RPG events work the least well of any store events but we'll always have them.
  • Anyone can use the space at any time. You can come in and play whenever we're open. You can play whatever game you want, preferably games in print. The exception is if we've got an event scheduled AND we need the table space. Most events won't take up every table, so your chances of finding a space are good. The two 4x8's will be in demand.
  • Eat and drink what you want. Bring in your outside food and drinks if you want. We're not mean movie theater people. We'll have drinks and snacks, but we're not enforcing any rules that you must buy food and drink from us, as if we're the profiteering company store. Why? It's not enforceable and it annoys people.

Ideally the store wants to have events every night of the week. We're aiming for two at the same time. What we're hoping to find are volunteers to run these events. We already have a good number on the calendar, but we're looking for volunteers.

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  1. Really enjoying the blog and reading the thought process that's going into the new store. Can't wait til it opens.