Sunday, July 15, 2007


I love maps. The store used to have a lot more of them on the wall, but we ran out of space. Maybe I'll line the new game room with various maps, real and fantasy.

Anyway, here is that map I mentioned before. It's a map of customer density. We have about 500 people in our Paladin Club who account for about 2/3rds of our sales. That says a lot about the dismal walk-in traffic of our current location. I think club members (regulars) should be a lower percentage.

The red areas are the highest concentration of BDG customers, mostly Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill. Yellow is the fewest and gray is nobody at all. Pleasant Hill was my first choice of a location, but it didn't work out. Instead we're moving to Concord, pretty much where the Concord marker is on the map.

This map is about a year old, by the way.

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