Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I was part of a podcast with Ogrecave a few weeks ago about Free Rpg Day. I have to say, I was pretty nervous. Public speaking isn't exactly my strong suit and when it comes to the game industry, my level of annoyance can be stratospheric. I just didn't want to stick my foot in my mouth (that's what a blog is for).

I bought an iPod last year for the sole purpose of listening to gaming podcasts. How geeky is that? Unfortunately, there are just way too many to keep up with. I'm usually about 3 months or so behind on most of them. The podcasts below get priority when I have time, usually when I'm too tired to do anything else or I'm avoiding work (this is work, right?):

2d6 Feet in a random direction. This is some good game industry talk with Chris Hanrahan at Endgame, Brian Isikoff, Allan and Mike Sugarbaker, etc. It's probably the most frank show about the game industry, akin to having a beer with these guys. My industry experiences usually resonate with theirs.

Ogrecave. This is more gamer centered but is also about industry news and reviews. There are very good reviews on the website and a blog-like comment section in the news portion of the site.

Fear the Boot. Great roleplaying advice and general goofing around. This is one I've just started listening to.

The Dice Tower has excellent board game reviews.

Wizards of the Coast has an official D&D podcast. It's good if you want to learn about what's in a particular D&D book that month, otherwise it feels like an assignment rather than a spontaneous labor of love. Pay attention to Mike Mearls; he's a D20 designer worth listening to.

Carol Shroeder has a very good book called Specialty Shop Retailing. Her podcast has a lot of good advice on running a specialty retail store.

The Wall Street Journal has a small business podcast series that's usually worth listening to.

Got a good gaming or small business podcast to recommend? Let me know.


  1. I listened to the podcast about free rpg day. Interesting stuff. I think this deal will get bigger and better, and it will help the stores in the long run. Thanks for participating in it.


  2. Hey Hoss,

    Thanks for the shout out. A couple more seconds, additions, etc. would be Paul Tevis of Have Games Will Travel, and the Godzilla Gaming Podcast for something truly different.