Monday, July 23, 2007

Shopping Center Layout

click on the photo to make it slightly bigger

Using Google maps, my photos of the shopping center and some Photoshop. The photo looks old, based on how Fry's looks now. The parking and walkway on the left hand side of Fry's has been cleaned up quite a bit. Right now it looks like a dirt walkway, but it's a paved sidewalk with even more parking.

For food, we've got the Makiya Sushi place, which I'm told is fine, but not as good as our Nama Sushi. There's also the Hostess Outlet on the corner.

A big wildcard for this location is the place next door. It's vacant right now with no plans for a new tennant. It's a rabbit hutch of walls, half floors, and unusable space, about 2100 square feet. It used to be part of the space we're taking.

The space we're taking used to be the Paris Beauty College and the empty space next door was part of it. There are still doorways between the two locations that will be removed this week (in theory). The fabulous pink walls will stay until our build-out in mid-August.

This map shows the path from the old store (green at the bottom) to the new store (red at the top). It's 3 miles, or 9 minutes away.


  1. The satellite view definitely pre-dates the opening of Fry's. IIRC, most of that vegetation is gone now having been replaced with more efficiently designed parking so that what's available there now is about twice what is shown in the picture. It's maybe not as attractive as it was, but it now has more than enough parking.

  2. How far is the new store from a BART station?

  3. It's about a mile through downtown Concord.

  4. Here's a link for directions: