Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bubba's Boom Booms

I'm really happy with the airbrush and camo patterns. The masking process can be troublesome with paint brush painting, due to the layers being too thick. When you remove your masking, you can get ugly ridge lines. That problem is nearly eliminated with the air brush. Oh yeah, and then there are the hours of brush painting that I can forgo. I can't believe I waited so long.

The first thing you notice are the differences between the two I just painted (center) and the two on the sides with dozer blades. The two side chimeras were painted a year ago and were the first vehicles I painted (other than Flames of War, which doesn't count). The middle ones, painted over the last week, are the ninth and tenth vehicles in my 40K army, fourteenth and fifteenth if you count sentinels. My technique has gotten a lot better, the processes much improved and I've refined the look. The differences are almost too overwhelming. I sense a lurking dissatisfaction with the older models.


  1. Purple Power or Simple Green will cleanse any dissatisfaction.

  2. They look more different in the photo than in person. So much so that I accidentally glued a vox array on the wrong one the other night.