Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Camp

We're looking at doing two Summer camps this year. If you're interested, please let us know. Here's a draft of what we're looking at doing:

Dungeons & Dragons Camp. The D&D camp is designed for kids aged 11-16 who have never played or who have an introductory experience with the game. Players will create characters, learn to paint miniatures, and adventure as a team. The event has a dedicated staff member and would run for a week, Monday through Friday, for four hours a day. Cost: $150 plus $50 materials fee.

Warhammer 40K Camp. The 40K camp is for kids 11-16 who want to learn the 40K hobby. No experience is necessary. Players will buy the codex and battleforce box for their army and will assemble and paint models in class. They'll learn the basics of the game in a campaign setting against other kids their age. The event has a dedicated staff member and would run for a week, Monday through Friday, for four hours a day. Cost: $150 plus $125 materials fee. Paints and modeling supplies will be provided.

The dates for these camps haven't been decided yet, but will likely be sometime mid to late June. We need at least 4 kids for each camp, so please let us know if you're interested.


  1. Good luck with the camps Gary. I really think these can work well, especially in a nice store that Mom's will feel comfortable in. Here's some brainstorming ideas I've spitballed together...

    1) 4 hours is a great start. However, longer camps are better for many parents, who need to continue to work, and need a place for their kids when school is out. You may consider a camp in the morning and a camp in the afternoon, with a special deal if people sign up for both (say 10% off or something). Lunch might then be expected. Also, 9am is probably the latest your camp can start, if you can handle it.

    2) Random idea: How about a little free coffee in the morning for the parents who drop off the kids, just so they can get to know the other parents, and get to know your store. Maybe even be demoing games?

    3) Our local weekly arts paper here has an annual summer camp issue (already came out...). This is one very good place to spend advertising dollars for a specific purpose I think - that particular issue. Your locals may not have done theirs yet, but I bet the deadline is soon. And think about it for next year (and think early, like March).

    4) How about a MTG Camp and a Pokemon camp? Geared towards your same age group as the other 2 camps. Kids get a new theme deck each day, and maybe a couple of boosters to modify it, and then get a deck building clinic for 30mins-1 hour, and then a quick tournament. Maybe on another day, have a draft tournament to show them how to handle that. Finally, have a big tournament on the last day, with prizes and cake.

  2. Thanks for the ideas!

    The 40K camp is likely to be the one that comes off. GW has been very helpful in both ideas and marketing assistance.

  3. Hey, i would like to do that sort of thing... where is this?

  4. It's at the store:

    Starting The week of June 22nd; Monday to Friday; 9 AM to 1 PM. BootCamp introduces young commanders, age 11-16, to the hobby
    and universe of Warhammer 40,000. Participants are provided a Battleforce box, codex, essential tools and paints. They will learn
    the basics of modeling, painting, game play and good sportsmanship. The Week long experience is $300, including all materials (a $200 value).