Friday, May 22, 2009

Store News

World D&D Day. It's tomorrow, Saturday, and if you're looking for something fun to do, come play D&D with us at noon. Just show up; everything is provided. I'll be working the store that day due to some last minute staff adjustments. Speaking of which, we've hired Alex Baker as our new employee.

6 Tables at RPGA Night! The twisted D&D brains of Thursday night figured out we could comfortably shoehorn in another table (really two tables) into the game center by creatively moving our miniature tables. After we spent a small fortune at Costco for more tables and chairs, we had our sixth table. It was promptly filled last night, with six concurrent RPGA D&D games going on at the same time. The incredible success of this event is due entirely to our organizers, especially John Jones. From what I'm told, we've got the largest and best run RPGA night in the Bay Area.

40K Camp Announcement Soon. We'll have a finalized version of our 40K camp for kids up soon. The information will be spread far and wide and we can only seat six kids, so if you know of an 11-16 year old who wants to get into the hobby or master some hobby skills, let us know.

Invasion of Mothra Clearance Sale! All Monsterpocalypse boosters and accessories are now 40% off through the rest of May (doesn't include starters). The store has been invaded by giant moths this week and we've been working to rid ourselves of this plague. Is this a sign of some sort?


  1. He helps out at the auctions. He was at the last auction running the BGG lookup computer.

  2. I thought Monsterpocalypse was doing well.

  3. Better make sure there are no Voltron fans before you boot it to the curb!

  4. I'm not going to ditch it completely, just stock it at a very minimal level, including new things.