Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ding & Dent is Next Sunday

Ding & Dent Sale and Customer Auction
May 17th, 11:30 Sign Up
Cost: Free!
Bring in items you want to sell starting the week before the auction (now is good). Include a minimum bid or a "buy it now" price.

This event features hundreds of slightly damaged board games, miniatures and role-playing books at stupidly low prices. We're also having an ongoing Warmachine overstock sale, with stuff selling for 20% off.

Also, if you sign up for our newsletter (on the right side of this page), you'll receive a coupon for 10% off board and card games the day of the event.

What are We Getting?
We'll compile a list when the final shipment arrives. However, if past auctions are any indication (and they are), we'll be getting dozens of boxes of slightly damaged board games, collectible miniatures, and some gems from customers. We'll even get the occasional shipment of role playing games and Warhammer.

Changes from Last Auction
We're better staffed this time, so things should go smoothly. We're also planning to move the auction along a lot faster, with less time for describing items and fewer breaks in between. We're always listening to your comments and trying to improve these events.

So What Is This Really?
We make arrangements with various manufacturers and distributors to buy up all their overstock and damages at a small fraction of the retail price. We then sell it to you at an amazing discount. On top of that, you get to sell stuff you don't want. Although you'll never get as much money at a store auction as an online auction, it allows you to create credit to buy our great bargains, while providing great homes to older games.

Also, if you're a manufacturer or distributor, contact me about finding homes for your ding & dent. If you're a retail store, you're welcome to attend as a customer and buy as much as you like. Some of these things are barely damaged.

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