Friday, August 21, 2015

West Coast Game Store Tour 2015, Part Five

We're back from our trip! 4,700 miles, ten states and provinces, and 21 game stores in 19 days. I've learned quite a bit on this trip, both ways to improve Black Diamond Games, along with reinforcing what we're doing right. So much of what you see in a store is in response to local conditions. Many factors are within the store owners control, but I still think communities get the game stores they deserve. Deserve means what they can support based on demographics, culture (including ordinances at all levels) as well as the desire to support small business.

Every store owner or manager greeted us warmly, invited us in and had no problem with my taking dozens of photos of just about everything. Most didn't know we were coming. All of them had clean bathrooms. None had foul odors, profanity spewing customers, or dark corners where small children feared to tread. We crowd sourced our visits to get the best selection and we weren't disappointed.

With all that said, here are the remaining stores we visited that we enjoyed but didn't fit a particular model or niche I was discussing. You can see more photos on my Facebook page.

San Rafael, CA: Our first stop on our road trip. My favorite (not mine) game store. Family friendly store that features a broad selection of games, toys and puzzles.— at Gamescape North.
Las Vegas, NV: The most solid, well rounded game store in Las Vegas. Miniatures are a specialty, but you'll see a good selection of board games, RPGs and CCGs. — at Little Shop of Magic.

Glendale, CA: A cafe (not a game store) where you can play board games for a fee. $5 during peak periods and $2 off peak. Wide selection of games to play (none for sale). — at Game Häus Cafe.
San Luis Obispo, CA: Large comics, games and video store with a ton of new and used product, attached to an equally large music store. Lots of character. I would love shopping here. They also had the latest Rat Queens. They have a nearby hall for gaming that seats 75. — at Captain Nemo Comics & Games.

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