Thursday, May 12, 2022

Are You A Good Person?

"Are you a good person?"

"Hmm, define good."

(sigh) "It's not hard. You actively do good things for people."

"As opposed to not doing harm, which just makes you average."


"No, I think I'm kind of an asshole. I don't actively do good. I know the difference though. I admire those who do good. I'm stuck in my own nonsense."

"What about the good you do for your community? What about employees you pay and treat well? What about your happy customers who you bring joy through entertainment? What about your family? You have a positive effect on the people around you."

"Well, that gets down to my definition of good, which I think is about intention."

"You don't intend to do good?"

"No, I do what's right. I do what makes me happy, which is what I think is right. I don't tend to think about doing good. I give a small amount to charity and community causes, but not as much as I could. I could do a lot more and I don't. Which is why I'm a bit of an asshole, because again, I know the difference."

"But you're doing good nonetheless."

"It's a Confucian good, as opposed to a Buddhist good."

"I think even the Buddhists would argue with you."

"Buddhists love to argue."

"I've noticed."

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