Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ask Your Question

I've posted over 1,300 times about the game trade and my store, in particular. Are there questions you have? Are there mysteries you would like resolved? Are there procedures or processes that you find  perplexing? Ask them in the comment section, email, Google+, or Facebook and I'll write a post with my best answers.

Perhaps you'll point out an inconsistency or problem we can actually address. Perhaps I'll have to do some exciting research. I've noticed that when my posts go viral (literally tens of comments), rarely does anyone actually post back to the blog so an issue can be addressed. I'm decent at generating smoke, but very little fire. Rarely, it seems, do I ever change someones mind. I preach to the choir and afflict the comfortable. But here, yes here, it seems there are opportunities to illuminate and educate, myself included. Ask away.

But wait, there's more! I'll pick a commenter at random and issue a $25 gift certificate. Heck, I'll even ship something to do, if you like (shipping would be included in the $25). If you check the quantity of past posts, your odds of winning are astonishingly good.

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