Thursday, August 30, 2012

Key to the Ferrari

We're hiring and this is the last day to get a resume in. We tend to only hire remarkable people and remarkable people don't spend their lives working at a game store, unless they own one. So they go off and do great things and we happily wave goodbye and hope they keep in touch in their travels.

I use a lot of automotive metaphors when talking about the business, such as the inventory as my economic engine. It needs constant tuning and tweaking. It can be supercharged or turbocharged or increased in output. When it comes to the entire business, I see it as a race car, my Ferrari. The value of the business is probably Ferrari territory, so it makes sense. Sure, probably more like a 458 than a 599, but you get the idea.

Continuing my analogy, it's the car that keeps my family fed, my bills paid and maybe a retirement someday. It's my most valuable asset. When I hire people, I keep this in mind. Would I hand the key to my Ferrari to this person? Would I trust them to drive it without my supervision? Will they keep it clean? Will they be pressured to let their friends drive it because they're weak willed? Will they even bring it back? Will they drive it responsibly with passion because the Ferrari calls to them or do they just need basic transportation?

But it's that first question really. Would I hand the key to my Ferrari to this person?

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