Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rule Zero

This is something I've discussed before, but as we get closer to construction, I want to remind staff and event coordinators (and customers) of our special Rule Zero.

Rule Zero is normally everybody should have fun. We're going to push that to Rule One for now. Rule Zero in our new space is all players have the right to decide what level of the Game Center they wish to play on, no questions asked. Staff and event coordinators will facilitate this request to the best of their ability. What's this about?

Our Game Center will have two levels, a bottom level and a top level accessed via stairs. Normally, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, you would need to have an elevator so that everyone could get to the second level. However, we're using a doctrine in the ADA called "equivalent facilitation." This means everyone has equivalent access in the Game Center. We don't have to provide them access to the second floor, but we do have to provide them access to the activities on the second floor. Male and female bathrooms will be on both floors, by the way. They can't be denied access to a facility function or game in progress because they can't get to the second level. 

This also means anything "special" must occur on the bottom level. Ding & Dent auctions, parties, and special equipment and tables should be featured on the bottom level, with, and this is really important, some space available to a top level event, if one is in progress. No exceptions. No arguments. No required proof of disability. No ghetto "equivalent facilitation" unequal treatment lower level corner. This is Rule Zero.

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