Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Ark

Today I continue to put together an order that actually gets returned to the manufacturer, rather than purchased. My major toy company will exchange product that doesn't work for other product. My plan is to pack my car primarily with giant stuffed animals and drive it to their warehouse in Stockton, about 70 miles away. There I'll exchange it for the stuff I want, mostly jigsaw puzzles and craft items. I would ship them back, but in the case of the giant stuffed animals, their size makes it too costly.

Michael spent last night helping with the order and sorting Magic cards. That should tell you how slow it was. Sorting Magic cards is the task you do when the store is spotless, the invoices are filed, and you need something to do to stay awake.


  1. Well, I had to work at a soccer game until after 8pm (nothing like a 13 hour day with only one real break - and that less than 30 minutes), so couldn't make it in to stir up troubl....

    I mean, run boardgame night.

    Sorry it was so quiet without me. ;)

  2. Sorting Magic cards keeps you awake? Really?

  3. There may have been sleeping, but stuff got done. I was at home by 6 with the family.