Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sick (like canine)

If there's a lesson for me this week, it's how being self-employed sucks when you're sick. I caught a bad cold/flu thing from the family. I woke up at 3am with a stomach ache and a story to tell about the tieflings in my new campaign world. I'll blog about that over there.

Let's see... Interesting thing yesterday - placed an order with my book distributor for the three core 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons books due out in June. The margin is much worse than from Wizards of the Coast or even game distributors, but historically the book trade has totally screwed over the hobby trade on D&D version releases, and lately, just popular book releases. It's Wizards fault for not making the problem clearer to the book trade, just like their lack of caring about online card sales.

There have been at least two book trade glitches in the past year, and the D&D 3.0 release was sold early in the book trade, back in 2000, from what I've been told. Ordering a "bridge" quantity of books from the book trade guarantees I'll have the books at the same time as the big book stores. If they're selling early, I'll sell early. I'll order the bulk of my books from Wizards of the Coast, but I'll have enough to tide me over until the "official" order arrives.

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