Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Blog

I believe:

  • I provide the vision and direction for the store, but others can be helpful in providing ideas on how to execute that vision. There is a community element to the store and this is an excellent way for the community to participate.
  • As long as I remain true to my vision, ethical, honest and legal, only good can come from our discussions. Unfortunately, at times I can still be a dick, but that falls under "honest."
  • Honest communication is the best kind and a blog that's a mouthpiece or marketing effort of an organization will fail. Therefore, I will occasionally say things that ruffle feathers. I blog nearly daily, so you'll probably find something offensive eventually.
  • Sharing information, including the nuts and bolts numbers, can only be useful in helping other stores and educating customers about how the store operates. It is impossible to use that information to set up shop across the street. It just doesn't work that way. If you want a game store so bad, buy mine! I'm business first, because the concept of a game store is already on the edge.
  • I am open to change from ideas expressed on the blog, and being a small business owner, I can execute change very quickly. What an amazing resource! Thanks!
  • I am not revealing anything special, like the magician's secrets, nor am I attempting to marginalize my customers. A marginalized gamer is redundant anyway. Understanding of how things work and the wonders of our little community can be interesting and useful.
  • Running a game store is a labor of love, as it's generally a bad investment and anyone capable of running one is capable of doing quite a bit else making quite a bit more money. With great competence comes quirkiness; thus the unusual blog.
  • The blog is the most effective form of store communication, as it's dynamic and only those most interested in the store participate. It's not how other stores do it, but I don't run my business to be like other stores.
  • The larger and more successful we become (in relative game store terms); the more critics and potential competitors emerge. The blog keeps me grounded. Bring it on!