Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Specials

So what are we doing for Black Friday?  We've got an overall store special:

Buy a starter set of any game and get a supplement at 20% off.
For example, a D&D red box starter set combined wth an adventure or Essentials book, Dominion with Dominion Prosperity, the 40K starter set wth a Battleforce box, or a box of CCG cards with an intro pack or tin.

What else? I've gone through our inventory and after some careful consideration, we've got some targeted offers we can send your way:

  • Dresden Files: Our World (60% off)
  • Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition (60% off)
  • Deathwatch RPG: Game Master's Tool Kit (40% off)
  • Dungeons & Dragons 4E: Adventures and Power Cards: Buy 1 get 1 Free
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3E (used): Buy 1 get 1 Free
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Extra Dice Set  (40% off)
  • Pathfinder adventures (stand alone and adventure paths) (buy 1 get 1 at 40% off)


  • Plastic/Metal Combo: Buy a miniature set made of plastic and get a metal blister packed item for 50% off.


40% off the following:
  • Age of Industry
  • Secrets of the Sea
  • Blokus Trigon
  • Runewars
  • Runebound: Mists of Zanaga
  • Invasion from Outer Space

  • Buy 1 box of cards at full MSRP, get another at 60% off

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