Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top 25 in Role-Playing

Here's a list of the top sellers in role-playing over the last thirty days, by quantity sold.

  1. PF: Skull & Shackles: The Wormwood Mutiny
  2. PFCS: Pirates of the Inner Sea
  3. Knights of the Dinner Table 185
  4. Kobold Quarterly Magazine #21
  5. CoC: Cthulhu By Gaslight
  6. PFCS: Isles of the Shackles
  7. Flip-mat: Urban Tavern
  8. PFCS: Blood of Fiends
  9. Pathfinder RPG: Core Rules HC
  10. Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary HC
  11. Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 3
  12. D&D 4.0 Player's Handbook
  13. D&D Dungeon Survival Handbook
  14. Marvel Heroic Role Playing 
  15. Rifts: Lemuria
  16. Pathfinder RPG: GM's Screen
  17. The Rifter #58
  18. Dresden Files RPG: Volume 1
  19. Traveller RPG 2300AD
  20. Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide
  21. Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 2 HC
  22. Pathfinder: Ultimate Combat HC
  23. PFRPG: Ultimate Magic
  24. Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition
  25. 4.0 Monster Manual

Pathfinder clearly dominates the list with over half the entries. Dungeons & Dragon 4E still chugs along with a few entries, the best seller being Player's Handbooks, so it's far from out of the picture.

Magazines have made a comeback since the recession, and we now sell twice as many Kobold Quarterly and Knights of the Dinner Table than before. It's interesting that Kobold Quarterly is approaching the sales level of Dragon magazine from back in the day.

There are a couple Call of Cthulhu entries, a game that has gained a lot of traction with us lately. Traveller 2300AD would be much higher if the distributors weren't always out.

It's a fairly tame period in general for RPGs, especially when compared to the CCG  releases, any one of which would dwarf the entire RPG department several times over.

Here are the top 15 RPG companies in our store by sales. The number in this list is how they rank against other categories in the store (there are 146), not just RPGs:

6 Paizo Publishing
20 Wizards of the Coast 
34 Chaosium
60 Catalyst
61 Mongoose
62 Evil Hat
70 Palladium 
74 Open Design
75 IPR Titles
77 Margaret Weiss
78 Kenzer & Company
89 Fantasy Flight Games
95 Studio Two Publishing
107 Green Ronin
110 Hero Games

So our number one RPG company, Paizo, ranks sixth overall in the store, while Dungeons & Dragons, once a top five company for us, now ranks 20th. Again, just one month; just one store.

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