Sunday, February 24, 2013


Some who don't understand retail ask us why we don't have a blanket discount.

Our store has three strong suits:

1. A clean, well maintained space with attentive staff.
2. A central, downtown location with a thousand square feet of game space.
3. New product, usually on release day, whether the rent is due or not.

If we were to discount, you would be asked to choose one of these attributes. The other two would be far too expensive to keep and still stay in business.

But wait, there's more.

Part of choosing would be convincing the other two-thirds of our customers that your choice was right. Losing two thirds of our customers would certainly destroy the store faster than a fast food fire. Only then would we be bringing in enough revenue to survive. You might be willing to put up with slovenly stores, stores out on the interstate, or stores that rarely have new releases other than Magic, but what about everyone else?

I think not.

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