Saturday, May 26, 2018

About the Book

25 yesterday, 10 today, yeah!
Book sales are going great! If you bought a copy, first of all, thank you! Second, I would like to request that if you bought my book, please leave a review. You can do it on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you got it.

This sounds weird, but review quantities are actually more important than review ratings, when it comes to search rankings. Even if you thought it was just alright, please say it was just alright. One sentence is enough.

This is a small press book, so this process is a bit of an academic exercise for me. I'm under no illusion the book will become something big, but I greatly enjoy learning the process of how all this publishing stuff works, and it would be foolish for me to not engage fully. I get emails now from store owners telling me this book has been helpful, so I do believe it's getting to the audience that needs it.

As a retailer, I'm overly critical of how the sausage is made, and making a thing is a great way for a retailer to get a more holistic view of the trade. I recommend it. Make a thing.

If you still want a copy of the book, but don't have one yet, consider a few options. Please go to Goodreads and put it on your Want to Read list. The Want to Read list generates buzz, and you can help me without spending money.

If you're a retailer, ACD's Wisconsin warehouse just got 25 copies this week (down to 10 as I write this), hand delivered by my publisher. Getting a tour of the warehouse yesterday and finding my book was an Indiana Jones level of warehouse fun. Everything at the warehouse is sorted by (semi) random code to prevent mis picks, so you look the item up in a computer and hunt the shelves. My store has sold over 30 copies, and I've been able to restock through normal channels throughout the release cycle. I have no back room deal or garage full of books.

I was under the paranoid impression distributors sold out on release and ignored my book, but it turns out distributors are on second and third orders, but they sell out the day they're received. Game distributors don't do books. It's something my publisher explained before I wrote it. I was told I would sell most of my books, you guessed it, on Amazon. Anyway, if you can't get a copy from ACD, GTS now has them in their SoCal, Washington and St. Louis warehouses and Indie Press Revolution is down to just three.

If you're a consumer or prospective store owner, you can of course buy a print copy on Amazon. Even better, now that there's a small amount of supply, ask your friendly local game store to order you a copy of Friendly Local Game Store. This book outsells most of my D&D books in store, without most customers knowing I wrote it, so it's certainly something a store should at least stock once.


Climbing the Indie Press Revolution chart (it has since cooled).
As a friend set, OMG! You're beating No Country For Old Kobolds.

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