Monday, August 13, 2007

AT-43 Availability

Rackham continues to deny any problems and blames distribution in this email:

I know that all the distributors got their books, in the numbers they ordered. I also know I have no restock order from them on these products. I finally know they don't stock our products, but prefer to order the amounts they got in preorder.

We'd like to be able to give you a better answer, but sadly, the distribution system in the US doesn't give us any control on what the distributors want to order. I have heard many times of one or two of them who voluntarily order lesser quantities than they need on our products, because they don't want to spend too much money at the same time. Then, they split the quantities they have between the customers, and blame it all on us. Sadly, we cannot do anything against that.

Distribution has some choice words for Rackham, but lets say they feel Rackham is being less than truthful.


  1. This is kinda an interesting statement. Hm. So, lesse. Rackham gets into the United States through Brookhurst Hobbies. They then screw said Brookhurst a couple years into that deal (allowing Brookhurst to mount it's spectacular assault on Rackham, but that's another story.) They then get almost to the "sign on the dotted line" with an exclusive deal with Alliance...where they back out last minute and sign with ACD. Then things go south with ACD when they fail to meet several points of their deal there...and they start their "own warehouse."

    All that said..they can lie to whoever they want. (When I asked them during Origins where all the product was for the US, in a snotty French accent, the dude claimed they were 'shipping 10s of thousands of units every month to the US.' I kinda stood there for about 10 seconds, told him he was full of Horses**t, and walked off.) But these lies don't get us an Army book for the Therians, or the red that we STILL have models released in the range that you technically can't use.

    I thought it was only North America who felt this way too. That was until I found this message by a french journalist: "...I always thought that the better way to understand Rackham was to look at Lemmings beach parties..."


  2. Sad to see another company that's so smart in some things that they do - the small beginning and scaling up of AT-43 was well planned, the starter set is ALL inclusive (absolutely everything you need to start playing is in that one box) - get so stupid in how it deals with it's retailers and customers. Honest and up front communications are a key to sustaining good customer relations - I'd rather hear bad news that's true, than some BS that I can't trust.

    At least they can fall back on an ACTUAL language/cultural barrier, rather than trying to claim that New Zealand and America don't speak the same root language.