Thursday, August 2, 2007


I'm liking the Moonbiter tribe and their yellow paint scheme. You don't see a lot of yellow on miniatures. This is the time when I procrastinate to avoid actually painting the figures. It's research (really). Our TV at home died today, so I might actually get some painting done (or more research).

In other news, My car stereo was replaced again today as well, so maybe I'll stop by and pick up that XM Radio receiver and schedule an installation. The CD changer in the store is starting to act up. I just hope it can make it until the move.

What's really on my mind is a stupid equipment lease problem I've been having. We've finally settled a lease contract dispute with First Data, a sleazy big company to be avoided (but you can't if you process credit cards). Nevertheless, my credit was dragged through the mud over the last several months and it will take a long time for it to recover. Luckily I've got enough credit already to do what I want, at least for now. It did create a couple problems with new vendors though, which was more embarrassing than anything else.

This is a problem with having a small business. Everything you do as the business reflects on you as an individual. You could try to sign a contract as your corporation or LLC, but only big companies can get away with that. For example, our new store lease required me to sign twice, just to be sure, once as an individual and once representing the LLC.

As for the build-out, today is about waiting. I'm waiting for my sign guy to make a sketch so I can present it to the property management company. After that I have to get a sign permit from the City of Concord. I'm also waiting on a quote from my second contractor (my brother).


  1. The reason you don't see much yellow on figures is that it's probably the worst color to get coverage with. If you want to go with it I'd suggest giving one of the yellowish Citadel Foundation colors a try. I picked up a pot of Iyanden Darksun, but haven't been able to give it a test run yet.

  2. Yes, I've had a lot of frustration with yellow in the past. If I had to do any precision work, I might balk at the idea, but painting "war paint" seems pretty easy with the right paint. Vallejo would be way too frustrating, but I've been having good success with coverage on the Reaper Master Series paints.