Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Move Stuff

  • Truck. Reserved the biggest U-Haul I could find for the move day. I also picked up a big roll of pallet wrap with the delusion that I can wrap up various racks and fixtures and not have to unpack them. We'll see how that works.
  • Work Begins. 8:30am Monday morning I'll be meeting with my electrical contractor and my building contractors at the new space. The building contractor will get the key and begin work. I had to go to the local Motel 6 this afternoon to reserve their room for a week, since they're driving up from Orange County. My brother is managing the build-out and saving me about 50% (minus hotel expenses). The wife is sick and needs some quiet time, which is why they're not staying with us. Paying for the motel reminded me how much we could use a vacation about now. The motel wouldn't allow me to pay over the phone, in case you were wondering why I went personally.
  • Games Workshop store. I stopped by today to drop off some new store flyers at the GW store in the mall. They close on the 13th of September and they were handing out flyers with other stores names on them, excluding us, probably because we don't currently have any organized play. I wonder if the mall management would allow me to advertise with a poster on the boarded up shop when they leave?


  1. Hopefully the store employees will still mention BDG when they hand out those flyers. It really sucks that they didn't put you on it.

    You might consider offering to reprint the flyers for them with your current and new addresses on them. I think it would be worth it if they will do it.

  2. I get referals from them all the time and I'm hoping it continues. The flyers were made by management, and thus were incomplete and didn't exactly gain a lot of employee enthusiasm. I had to go looking for the flyer. When I went over, I thought they would be prominently displayed. You would never know they're closing unless you asked.

    Right now management is at the LA Games Day show, so they weren't available for me to ask questions about the flyter.