Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Upper Deck

Topps dragged their feet so Upper Deck took their marbles and went home today:
Upper Deck charged that Topps had taken actions "to frustrate UD's ability to move forward," including refusing to provide due diligence information such as Topps' league and player association licensing agreements, pricing matrices, P&L by product line, and the "Whiz Kids (sic) Distribution Agreement."

I can't blame Topps if it's true, but I would have liked to have seen that WK distribution agreement.

Upper Deck squeezed everyone on the new World of Warcraft CCG release this week. Box prices were a couple dollars higher with no commensurate sales price increase (not that one ever existed). This is about the time when I slowly let my supply of WoW dwindle and disappear.


  1. They also gave away a Dark Portal starter to everyone at Gencon who took a swag bag...

    Thats a LOT of dead products...

  2. I might be giving them away too. Last month I accidentally ordered an extra box of starters instead of boosters. Doh!