Monday, August 6, 2007

The Out Door

Small bits of progress today:
  • Employee. New employee selected and hours scheduled for the new store (yesterday).
  • Two back doors. Our second back door is being removed and bricked up. There were two suites combined. We're taking the larger one. The smaller one has no back door and we have two.
  • Brother. My brother is my new contractor for the build-out. I'll have a long list of building materials faxed to me today for the project.
  • Pants. I painted pants on my 800 points of ogres. It took an hour and a half. If I were painting single miniatures I could have shown you a completed fig. But alas, just pants today.
  • Schleich. Meeting with my Schleich sales rep tomorrow afternoon. Schleich makes those cool plastic knights, cowboys, and animals.
  • Truck. Renting a truck on Thursday morning to move the first 4x8 table to the new store and buying materials for the second table.
  • Advertising. Meeting with my advertising rep on Wednesday to talk about a big ad blitz for the move: TV, radio, etc.
  • Move postcards should be ready early this week for mailing to the mailing list.

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