Wednesday, August 8, 2007

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The South Park icon on the left side was done by Jess, a friend in my D&D gaming group. It's a very good representation of me, dressed as my D&D character at the time. Let me tell you about my character .... For most of you, thanks for reading and please check out my other posts for slightly more relevant content.

Sindinari was a pompous, dragon-marked elf of the ruling class of Sharn (in Eberron). He was a cleric and directly worshipped Dol Arrah, the lawful-good sun goddess. The religion of Eberron is pantheistic, so worshipping an individual god was a bit deviant. Nevertheless, he worshipped this one god and imposed his goody-good morality on the priesthood and the adventuring party. They all despised him.

Behind the pompous exterior, Sindinari was having a difficult time with Dol Arrah. The religion might be pantheistic, but the fiery power of Dol Arrah was reserved for the lawful-good worshipers. Sindinari was secretly lawful-neutral, so when he prayed to Dol Arrah, he suffered horrible burning pains as her holy light of truth burned his impure soul (something we contrived in his background). The solution for Sindinari was to stop worshipping Dol Arrah directly, but, you know, sometimes people can be stubborn.

Sindinari despaired until he realized that if he prayed while in union with another, the burning pain would transfer to the one most impure. He always muttered prayers while visiting prostitutes, so this was just a more formalized form, kind of tantric. Worse, as he gained in power, Sindinari needed more wicked people to pray with. Eventually he chose the most wicked prostitute in Sharn as his consort.

When adventuring outside Sharn, Sindinari had a problem. Where would he find someone to pray with? The solution was introduced by his wicked consort. If he were to inhale a particular powder, the pain of prayer would be abated. Yes, she turned him into a drug addict.

In game terms, we pulled off this charade until about 6th level, at which time he was discovered when a magic item sent him on a rampage through his temple. That's when I had the character I had planned to play all along, a deeply flawed, repentant priest, with a sinister past and the constant fear of backsliding. In fact, any minor infraction would bring the pain of prayer back in full force, as any addict knows.

Oh yeah, and that dryad had it coming.

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