Friday, August 24, 2007

Some updates

New ICV2 Talk Back commenting on Wizard of the Coast's Internet related response: "What they don't do is control who they sell their product to or how they release it. Go on the Internet, search for booster boxes of Magic and you'll find lots of them available for for $79-80. "

The comments also suggested WOTC give the game trade new releases before mass market. I would be happy if they would work on getting them to us at the same time. When the D&D 4.0 Player's Handbook is released in May, I plan to hedge my bets by getting a good supply from my book distributor. I don't trust WOTC not to screw it up again.

Met with My Sign Guy. He had a beautiful sign presentation prepared for my landlord. Unfortunately his graphic showed the sign superimposed on a photo of the wrong store front! It was also the wrong sign design. He cut the price of doing a straight channel letter sign, so we'll likely go with that now. However, he failed to call me yesterday with revisions when he said he would. It's probably time to find a new sign guy.

Electrical. Including wiring for networking, telecom, satellite radio, and various small projects begins Tuesday.

Paint and Carpeting. I'm assured it will be done by next Saturday at the latest. The landlord is paying for this and coordinating the work. The project manager sounds very professional, but I haven't seen him in action yet.

Other Stuff. The telephone lines are installed 9/4, the same day as an alarm system estimate. The fixtures begin arriving this same week. Let's hope the carpet is down.

Ogres. At a minimum I need 7 ogres painted for 500 points (6 bulls, one bruiser general). Army painting is tiring, so I've gone to painting one ogre at a time. I can bang out one a day if I work a couple of hours. It's also more satisfying.


  1. Sounds like things are moving forward. I can't wait to see this really get to full steam.