Thursday, August 30, 2007

Photo Update

That pesky extra door is now gone.

The electrical work proceeds, slow but steady.

Painting is done, or pretty close to it. Carpet is due to be installed Friday and Saturday

Speaker wire has been pulled to the East side

In other news, I lost my sign guy today. He lacks the required contractor's license needed to get the building permit from city. In Concord you need a building permit to do anything. Install a ceiling fan? Permit. New toilet? Permit. Install a sign? You bet, a permit.

I was thinking in the car on the way home today:

Does the City of Concord have onerous regulations and permit laws because the city looks dumpy, or does Concord look dumpy because the city has onerous regulations and permit laws?

My impression is that the city is over-regulated and that nobody follows those regulations. I figured the place was weakly regulated based on all the infractions you can see, just driving around. It's either because they've made the business climate so negative that everyone bypasses the city, or it's in reaction to everyone doing whatever the hell they want. In either case, if I knew what I know now, I would have put extra effort into finding a place in Pleasant Hill.

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