Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Update

THIS WEEK (week of 8/26):
Exterior sign approved by landlord. Parts ordered by sign guy. Need city sign permit.
Monday-Tuesday: Painters are painting.
Tuesday Night: Electrical and wiring work starts.
Friday: Fixtures ship. Should arrive mid-week next week.
Friday-Saturday: Carpet installed.

NEXT WEEK (week of 9/2):
Friday-Monday: I'll be at Conquest San Francisco, spreading the word about the move and hopefully making a little money.
Tuesday: Telephone lines installed. ADT out for alarm system move estimate.
Wednesday-Friday: Fixtures begin arriving. Time to begin setting up!

WEEK 3(week of 9/9):
New game and toys begin shipping on the 10th along with a Games Workshop expansion.
Exterior sign will probably be installed this week.
Alarm system probably installed around this time.

WEEK 4 (week of 9/16):
Processing of new inventory should take approximately 45-50 hours
New air conditioning units installed

(week of 9/23):
Closed for move
Tuesday: Open for business. Ogre Kingdoms destroy opponents in evening battle of new campaign.

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