Friday, June 26, 2009

New Stuff at the Store

  • White Dwarf 354: Includes a great preview of Planetstrike.
  • Litko 40K Tokens: objective markers, infantry markers, damaged vehicle markers, flaming wreckage markers, gone to ground markers, assault templates.

  • Amera Plastic Mouldings: Inexpensive terrain pieces, ready to paint: Trench set, bridge set, bunker set.
  • Flames of War: Kommisar Dedov, Captain Nevsky, Wiking and Totenkopf gaming sets. Smoke & Flames restock. Mid-War Monsters preview copy.
  • Warmachine: Exemplar Bastions (plastic box set)

Board Games
  • Big Box Alhambra:
This Big Box contains the basic game and all 5 expansions. The box liner is designed to hold all the expansions separately for easy access and after-game storage.
  • Game of Thrones: Time of Trials Chapter Pack:
This Chapter Pack, the second in the King’s Landing cycle for the A Game of Thrones Living Card Game, provides context and depth to the new Shadows mechanic while taking a close look at some of the trials and pitfalls that can cross up the most carefully laid plans. Gold Cloaks, Tears of Lys, Stormdancer, Moonboy, and The Hound are some of the highlights of this exciting release.
  • Monsters Menace America: Back in print!
  • Rubik's 360

Role-Playing Games
  • Traveller: Hammer's Slammers
Based on the novels and short stories of David Drake, Hammers Slammers introduces players to the tank crews and specialists within the best known and most capable mercenary unit in the galaxy! This Traveller sourcebook is packed full of the history of the Slammers, the weapons, vehicles, and tactics they use, plus new careers and a series of missions to get you started.

  • AD&D Core Books (used): Mint condition! Along with some mint condition adventures and the DM's screen.

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