Friday, June 5, 2009

What's New At The Store

I might make this a regular Friday thing. So what's new this week?

Wizards of the Coast Free Gift Weekend. Buy $15 worth of WOTC product (Magic, D&D, etc.) and receive a free gift: Star Wars minis starter set, D&D Demonweb minis booster, two half-decks of Magic, or The Orc King novel by Salvatore. While supplies last.

Games Workshop Clearance. A few items are on sale while they last. The Imperial Guard Demolisher is $34.99 (two), the IG Hellhound is $29.99 (two) and the Empire Battalion box is $55 (one in stock). All three of these are getting updated over the next few months, but they would still make useful additions to your army. We also have the metal Knights of Chaos box on sale for $19.99 (down from $50).

Warhammer Fantasy Empire. Due in this afternoon (two of each):
  1. Empire Steam Tank
  2. Empire Archers
  3. Empire Great Swords
  4. Marius Leitdorf
  5. Empire Captain - Sword & Shield
  6. Book: The Empire: Uniforms & Heraldry
Board Games:
  1. Caylus Special Edition: Resin king figure, metal coins, and more attractive board and tiles. Only 1500 are being made and we got one (and likely won't see another).
  2. Pack & Stack: A light, filler game ideal for kids.
  3. Star Trek Scrabble, Uno and All About Trivia
Urban War Rulebook. Several people have expressed interest in this gritty urban skirmish game. Check out the rulebook on our new releases table.

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