Monday, June 15, 2009

Tallarn vs. Imperial Fists (40K)

I really like the colors of our two armies as they fought to a draw tonight. Michael Usi's space marines ripped apart my Tallarns, but Al'Rahim's platoon snuck up from behind and wouldn't budge. This game taught me I need those Leman Russ tanks to overcome an army like this. The marines ripped through transports and basilisks like they were made of paper.

It started with a drop pod of marines. I knew it was a distraction, but it wasn't one I could ignore.

Vehicles were easily destroyed by various bombardments, but the guard still fought back well enough to stay in the fight.

In the end, the only scoring units left on each side contested one of the five objectives. This guard squad hid in a building until the final turn. The rest of the platoon was caught out in the open and eviscerated.

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