Thursday, November 5, 2009

The New and Exciting!

The auction is Sunday, with a ton of stuff and (my guess) sparse attendance. Many of the games have no damage, usually case quantities in which the top few games were dented and the whole thing was written off. We also still have a bunch of Agricola copies with box creases for $39.99. This is a $70 game that's currently #1 on boardgamegeek.

Here's what's new this week:

Board Games

  • Ticket to Ride Europe, 1912 Expansion. New warehouses, depots and 55 destinations.
  • Dungeon Twister: Prison: This Dungeon Twister variant has lots of cool miniatures and includes a solo version.
  • Mr. Jack in New York. Stand alone variant. one player takes the role of Mr. Jack, the other takes a role of a Detective. But there are new possibilities - gaslights and manholes are represented by pawns which can be moved.
  • Chromino. A fun dominoes variant. If you like Blokus, give this one a try.
  • Wings of War: Dawn of War - Legends/Air Squad Pack  (Friday)

Miniature Games
  • Magazines: White Dwarf 358 (Skaven), No Quarter #27 (featuring a MKII look), Minature Wargames (Air War Over Africa), Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (Spanish Civil War), and Wargames Illustrated 265 (Friday).
  • Warmachine: Scryah: Ravyn, Eternal Light, Adeptus Rahn, Dawnguard Scyir, House Shyeel Battle Mages, Mage Hunter Strike Force.
  • Hordes: Trollblood Trollkin Runeshapers
  • Warhammer Fantasy (Friday): Skaven Army Book, Skaven Clanrat Regiment, Skaven Stormvermin (20), Skaven Doomwheel, Warlord Queek Headtaker, Deathmaster Snikch, Packmaster Skweel.
  • Flames of War (includes last weeks releases): Fallshirmjägerkompanie, Fallshirmjägerkompanie MG's, Fallshirmjägerkompanie Gaming Set, Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon, Airborne Bazooka Teams. 
  • Malifaux. We're hoping to get a few starter sets in Friday after our Monday order disappeared.
  • Heroscape Wave 10 Booster (Friday)

Collectible Card Games

  • Yu-Gi-Oh 2009 Collectible Tin #2. 2 Stardust Overdrive packs, 1 Ancient Prophecy pack, 1 Raging Battle pack, 1 Crimson Crisis pack, a secret rare, deck partitions and sleeves. 
  • Pokemon Platinum Arceus: Boosters, Theme Decks and Poster Boxes.
  • Magic: As usual, we have plenty of Zendikar and M10 in stock.

Role-Playing Games
  • Shard RPG: Basic Compendium: A unique game world unlike any you've seen before. Players play various animal races, rather than your standard fantasy humanoids. 
  • Outdoor Mapping Sheets: 8.5x11" hex sheets from Troll Lord Games
  • Castles & Crusades: Of Gods & Monsters. 15 different pantheons fully explored.
  • Starsiege: Another Fine Mess. A lucrative courier job may finally get the crew out of trouble.
  • Reaper Miniatures (Friday): Halmar, Young Wizard, Norgol, Irongrave Knight, Culk, Young Rake, Native American Chieftain, Chupacabra, Moxy, Space Adventuress, Zombie German Officer, Zitler, Zombie Leader 
  • Hero 6 (Friday): Hero System: 6th Edition Combat and Adventuring, Hero System: 6th Edition Basic Rules Set, Hero System: 6th Edition Advanced Rules Set. Limited quantities due to distributor shipping damages.