Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top Board Games

Once a year, in the spirit of (over) sharing, I like to post our list of top board games. The last post was made back in September. As a retailer I've found other store's lists curious and sometimes helpful. It's one more piece of information to help make decisions.

In the past I've divided board games from card games and excluded expansions. That's honestly just too hard, so here's everything together, from our catalog of around 1000 games. It starts on the left with game number one, the right column starts at 51. It's by profit, rather than quantity sold. Any game making it on the list is by definition in the top 10% of our games and does well for us.

Pandemic Arkham Horror Innsmouth Horror
Space Hulk Memoir '44: D-Day & Liberation
Settlers of Catan  Roll Through the Ages
Finca L-C-R Game
Dominion Settlers Catan-Seafarers Rev
Dominion: Intrigue A Touch of Evil
Endeavor Munchkin Quest
Carcassonne Dungeon Lords
Maori Wits & Wagers
Ticket to Ride Poo  
Pandemic: On The Brink Exp Smart Ass
Dominion: Seaside Expansion Munchkin 2: Unnatural Axe
Munchkin Zombie Fluxx Deck
Small World Puerto Rico
Descent: Journeys In the Dark Tayu
Arkham Horror Bang! The Bullet
Ticket to Ride Europe Talisman: The Highland
Catan: Traders and Barbarians We Didn’t Playtest This At All
Apples to Apples  Qwirkle
Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player  Cosmic Encounter 
Chaos in the Old World  Blokus Classic
Settlers Of America  Agricola: Farmers Of The Moor 
BSG: Pegasus Expansion Battles Of Napoleon: The Eagle
Word on the Street Bang
Carcassonne: Big Box 2 Stone Age
Battlestar Galactica Talisman 4E: Frostmarch Exp
Tobago Game of Thrones Card Game
Five Crowns Talisman Rev The Dungeon Exp.
Warhammer Invasion Core Set Martian Fluxx
Gloom Card Game Talisman Revised 4th Edition
Horus Heresy Board Game Game of Thrones Boardgame
Ren Faire Card Game Guillotine
Zombies!!! 2nd Ed Grind  
Kids of Carcassonne Steam Board Game  
SoC: Cities & Knights Exp Cyclades
Monty Python Fluxx Axis & Allies 1942
Last Night on Earth Battlelore Battles of Westeros
Secrets of the Sea Risk: Halo Wars
Killer Bunnies Blue SD Risk 2210 AD
Agricola Carson City
Citadels  San Francisco Cable Car 
Axis & Allies Pacific  RftG: The Brink of War
Dominion: Alchemy Expansion RftG: Rebel Vs
Fluxx - New Edition 4 Forbidden Island
Wasabi! Chaos Marauders
Lost Cities Nuns on the Run 
Race for the Galaxy Cookin Cookies Lunchbox
Power Grid  Twilight Imperium Shattered Em
Tales of the Arabian Nights    Bohnanza 
Dixit Thunderstone            

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