Thursday, April 26, 2012

Point of Relevancy (Pathfinder and D&D)

There was a point in our sales where Pathfinder, once a minor player in our RPG section, began to outsell D&D more or less permanently. Now Pathfinder has done what I wasn't expecting, which is exceed sales of both brands combined from a few years ago. Part of this is the growth of our store, but a larger part is the elements that support Pathfinder, such as the quality and quantity of releases and the high quality of the organized play.

So on a day where the future of Dungeons & Dragons looked a bit uncertain, I asked if we really needed it. Sure, we want it. Sure, the sales would be nice. However, the actual need, the revenue that Dungeons & Dragons once provided the store, that slack has been taken up by Pathfinder. If a strong D&D does return, it will be that much better for our sales and for our customers. However, a line has been crossed.

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