Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Starting a New Game Store: Getting Edumacated

If you found the previous articles about starting a new retail game store overwhelming, or you need to find a way to reduce costs, but lack skills, please allow me to suggest some coursework.

I've taken some business courses, but I do not have a business degree or a business background. I'm mostly self taught, with enormous holes in my education. I have employed people who have a business education and I'm regularly directing staff to take coursework that benefits both them and my business. I've gone as far as offering cash rewards for coursework in skills we need.

Here's a listing of some coursework I recommend from our local community college, Diablo Valley College. This is a years worth of credits (28) that should prepare you for the rigors of opening a small business like we've described. I wish I could take a year off and focus on something like this. You still can.

This coursework includes both critical skill sets required to succeed as well as convenient things to know, like WordPress and PhotoShop. There should be similar courses available at your community college.

If you're desperately looking to quit your job and start this thing, one way or another, as I was, this might give you some needed breathing room to get your plan together. You may even decide you like this stuff and go for more education.

If you've taken coursework that you draw upon heavily in your small business, share with us what was useful. I personally found business law invaluable and I can't imagine not having some basic accounting and Excel.

Course Units
BUS-018 - Microsoft Excel for Windows
Are you new to MS Excel or have you been using the software for awhile but want to learn more about the program? Do you want to learn how to use MS Excel as a business tool? This class will teach you beginning to intermediate level MS Excel features and functions, will help you to develop MS Windows file management skills, and increase your business problem-solving proficiency. Based on various business scenarios, you will learn to use Microsoft Excel to produce professional worksheets that contain appropriate formatting and correct formulas.
BUS-027 - Small Business Management
This is an introductory course in small business management, combining theory with application. Class stresses case work analysis, mastery of basic issues and the importance of the business plan.
BUS-096 - Time Management and Goal Setting 0.5
Does it seem that you never have enough hours in the day? This class will help you develop the skills necessary to manage your personal and professional lives. Learn how to manage your time using proven time management methods including identifying and setting goals, establishing priorities, getting organized, overcoming procrastination, planning and scheduling.
BUS-294 - Business Law
This course presents fundamental legal principles surrounding business activities and transactions. The legal process is also reviewed. Legal topics include ethics, contracts, torts, agency, criminal law, business organizations, and judicial and administrative processes. BUS 294 may be applied towards the educational requirement of the real estate broker's examination.
BUSAC-181 - Applied Accounting
A beginning accounting course that involves a practical approach emphasizing small business applications. This course covers the accounting cycle for a sole proprietorship. Includes journals and ledgers; financial statements; adjusting, correcting, and closing entries; bank reconciliation; payroll; calculations for interest, discounts, sales, and payroll taxes. Also includes an introduction to the use of an accounting software program. 
BUSAC-185 - QuickBooks Accounting for Business I
This is an introductory course in the application of basic accounting knowledge and theory in QuickBooks software. The course content includes sales, invoicing and receivables, payables and purchases, general accounting, financial statements, and end-of-period procedures for a service business. This course builds upon knowledge of bookkeeping principles. 
BUSMG-167 - Writing and Presenting a Business Plan
In this course students will explore their proposed business, core competencies, competitors, and customers through designing a business plan. Survival tactics will be presented to increase the chances of success in fluctuating business environments.
BUSMG-168 - Customer Service
This course presents the competencies needed to develop a joint purpose, show compassion, and be generous and trustworthy with customers, co-workers, and external stakeholders. The relationship of customer service skills to career success will be examined.
BUSMK-255 - Advertising
A study of the historical, social, ethical, economic, and regulatory aspects of advertising. The subject evaluates advertising, media, and creative strategies for traditional and electronic markets. Topics include effects of consumer behavior patterns, the client-agency relationship, and the development and evaluation of advertising campaigns.
CIS-108 - Introduction to WordPress
This course introduces students to WordPress. This easy to use software is used to create, organize, and maintain web sites. Emphasis is placed on installation, configuration, navigation, organization, presentation, and maintenance of web sites. No previous web design experience is required.
CIS-130 - Adobe Photoshop Elements
This course helps students to develop proficiency in Adobe Photoshop Elements; it covers acquiring, organizing, fixing, enhancing, and sharing images.
ECON-221 - Introduction to Microeconomic Principles
This course is about the study of how societies provide and distribute the material requisites for well-being. In microeconomics, the focus is on individual markets-the economic interactions between buyers and sellers of a particular product. Markets are studied in order to understand the factors that influence price and to determine if the material requisites are efficiently and equitably provided. The supply and demand model is used to study market interactions and will be thoroughly covered in this class. This includes investigating a variety of factors that can influence the decisions of buyers and sellers; identifying special characteristics of the market or the product; and determining whether or not producing or using the product causes others to suffer or benefit. In cases in which the market fails to be efficient or equitable, governments frequently intervene. Actions the government can take and the arguments for and against government intervention are also covered. All topics in the course are discussed in terms of the fundamental microeconomic theories and models with references to current and historic examples.
MANGT-050 - Introduction to Supervision
Are you currently a supervisor or want to become one? Would you like to strengthen your supervisory skills to better motivate your employees? Or, would you like to know how to make the transition into supervision? This course will help you learn and apply supervisory skills to motivate and effectively lead your employees. You will also learn how to comply with state and federal labor laws.
Total 28

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